Escape to tranquility

Situated in the picturesque Manning Valley, just 3 hours north of Wahroonga Sydney, Nundoobah Retreat offers just that; a retreat from the pressures of everyday life while providing a beautiful setting. Nundoobah Retreat consists of two romantic cottages and associated guest facilities set on the banks of the magnificent Dawson River.

John & Suzie North

"Perfect setting, weather and company with the Stacks. Loved the fishing, drinking, bike riding, drinking, boating, drinking, spa."

Kim & John Quaife

"Exactly what was required – Perfect weekend starter! Perfect year starter!!"

Meg & Russell Miller

"We couldn't want for more. We'll be back!"

Sue O’Malley & Trevor Dill

"Great, will definitely be back - soon."

Phillip Vi Larn & Hong Guan

"Fab. Just a great place for the weekend. A must for a relaxing getaway."

Vic & Drew

"It's too hard to leave. You will find our fossilized remains under the spa bath…"

Diana Maddrell & Ian Ramsay

"It was all I wanted and Ian, even more. Thanks for the retreat. Thanks also for Ebony's companionship."

Ross, Karen & Tom Letherbarrow & Sharron Norton

"Great spot. Great people - special thanks."

John, Marie Ramsland

"Ramsland - A great sense of peace and contentment prevailed throughout."

Greg & Tricia Trevaskis

"Thank you Maurie and De for a wonderful weekend. We shall return as soon as possible."